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KuCoin is a crypto exchange offering a wide range of cryptocurrencies and digital assets. It is a global popular exchange that was founded in September 2017. According to KuCoin, one in four crypto investors worldwide is registered with the platform, which is a testament to the exchange’s reach and rapid growth over the past three years.

KuCoin works with payment platforms such as Simplex and Banxa to allow clients make payments with fiat money.

KuCoin is based in the Seychelles but adheres to its own anti-money laundering and KYC policies and has proven to be a trustworthy exchange so far.

A lot of people in the crypto community have said that some exchanges have been manipulating prices or saying that they can’t process trade orders because they’re “overloaded” when there is a lot of trading. There are no problems with KuCoin because of its high-tech system that can process up to 1 million transactions a second.

But why choose KuCoin over the other cryptocurrency exchanges? In this KuCoin review we look at some of their key features!

Pros and Cons of KuCoin


  • Around 200 cryptocurrencies and tokens and 400 trading pairs offer users a wide range of trading opportunities
  • South African clients are accepted on the platform
  • Solid user base of 10 million users ensures good liquidity
  • Generous and flexible staking programs such as B. for ATOM, TRX, KCS and WAN
  • Leverage features can be used to expand capital, potentially maximizing profit
  • Active community and good social media presence


  • Not regulated by any officially recognized regulator, but has its own KYC and anti-money laundering measures for all users.
  • Fell victim to a major hack earlier this year that raised questions about the security of the platform. KuCoin responded to the attack with stricter security measures

KuCoin and Trading Platform

The KuCoin app and website are sleek and modern and contains a lot of useful information about the platform, as well as an informative support section and FAQs.

The website offers three different accounts: the main account, which is intended for cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals, the trading account, which is used for trades and transactions, and the margin account , for borrowing and margin trading.

KuCoin trading platform

The trading platform is very user-friendly. As the screenshot shows, users can organize the assets they trade in their favorites for easy access. TradingView’s integration with the platform also allows the use of industry-standard trading tools and indicators, so you never have to leave the platform.

Main Features of KuCoin Exchange

  • Wide range of digital assets – between around 250 coins and over 400 trading pairs, there are plenty of hidden crypto treasures to be found at KuCoin
  • Buy bitcoin safely and easily through the exchange – limit, stop, market, post-only and iceberg orders. In addition, a daily volume of almost $500 million ensures plenty of liquidity for lots of trades.
  • Industry-Leading Security Features – To protect KuCoin accounts, additional security measures such as custom passphrases entered into KuCoin emails for verification and restricting IP addresses that can log into an account have been implemented since the hack in early 2020.
  • Measures Against Liquidation – The KuCoin Index compares prices on six different exchanges before determining liquidations, protecting your capital from price manipulation.
  • Multiple Staking Options – Choose between two products: fixed or flexible. These products can also be traded immediately to remove their blocked status at any time.
  • L3 Mechanism – Allows insight into all transaction details and prevents manual manipulation.
  • Advanced API Capabilities – Setting up KuCoin APIs is a simple and efficient way to develop a secure and programmatic trading strategy.
  • Double Staking Reward –  The first lock-up mining mode gives you the staking reward plus the POL mining reward.
  • iOS and Android app for trading on the go.

How To Register & Trade On Kucoin Exchange

Follow below steps to open an account on the  Kucoin exchange:

Step 1: Access www.kucoin.com, click on Sign up at the top right of the website:

how to open a kucoin account south africa

Step 2: Input email address and password, please use capital and lower-case letter and numbers to set your password.

how to open a kucoin account 2

Step 3: After registration, our system will send an email to you.

how to open a kucoin account 3

Step 4: Please check the activation email in the mailbox and click the link to activate the KuCoin account.

how to open a kucoin account 4

Step 5: Bind Google two-step verification

how to open a kucoin account 5

Step 6: Choose your favorite assets and start trading!

KuCoin Exchange: Conclusion

KuCoin exchange is a three in one platform: you can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. This is a good deal for people who already buy and sell their cryptocurrency on different platforms and don’t want to pay extra transaction and network fees again. On KuCoin, you can buy cryptocurrencies with real money, trade them, and get your money back.

Also, KuCoin’s staking service is one of the best in the crypto world, and it gives people a chance to make money over time by putting their crypto assets into a trust fund.

KuCoin, the company that runs the platform, has tried to address some of the concerns that people had about the platform’s security this year by adding new security measures.

There is a good chance that KuCoin will remain a top exchange for a long time to come as the crypto industry grows and changes.

1.8 rating

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