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Amazon Partners with Ethereum Design Studio

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Amazon Web Services announced that it is partnering with the Etherium Design Studio, Consensys, with the aim to bring businesses and blockchain technology closer together.

The partnership hopes to make it easier for businesses to use blockhain without the difficulties faced by many companies today, that wish to enter this space but don't have the knowledge or coding skills needed.

"Announced Tuesday at Consensus 2018, the two firms' business blockchain cloud service, Kaleido, aims to smooth the onboarding process for enterprise consortium members - a major challenge in the space - while simplifying the operation of private blockchain networks.

"We have been following ethereum closely as it's what many of our customers have been exploring, especially for enterprise use cases," Matt Yanchyshyn, the global technical lead for AWS' partner program, told CoinDesk.

However, he stressed that AWS is "protocol-agnostic," noting that the company also supports Hyperledger's Sawtooth and R3's Corda platforms.

Now, however, the unit of Amazon has aligned itself with one of the most influential organizations in the ethereum community. "Working with ConsenSys will allow us to further understand customer needs and help accelerate their blockchain efforts," Yanchyshyn said." Full article at Coindesk.com

The time for believing that crypto currency and the blockchain techonology that it's build on is just a joke or some passing phase is quickly coming to an end. The number of companies investing large amounts of capital and resources into the space is growing by the day.

The Blockchain world is steadily moving out of the Wild West days of it's birth and into our daily lives, at a speed that will suprice the naysayers and industies that don't adapt quickly. When last did you say on a friday night you just want to stay in and "Blockbluster and chill"?


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