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TRON (TRX) Main Net Launch Approaching

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A large portion of the crypto market is holding it's breath as the main net launch of Tron (TRX) nears. With the current market in the red and Bitcoin tetering on the brink of a dump

below $8000 this might be one of the only greens in a sea of red. No one really knows yet what will happen in the next two weeks leading up to the day that Tron breaks away from the Etherium (ETH) network and moves to it's own platform. TRX has some of the most fanatical fans in the crypto space which might boost the price to new highs as the day approaches.

Google Trends seem to indicate an increase in interest at a time when the amount of people that are searching for Bitcoin decreases.

tron trx google trends crypto news south africa

bitcoin google trends crypto news south africa

Tron makes it possible to hold smart contracts in its blockchain which makes it easier in turn for developers to create, store and publish applications. The TRX PR machine is also picking up steam with the launch of their new website on the 15 May. NB Remember to move your TRX to an exchange, where the change over will happen automatically. if you are currently holding it in a wallet. You have until the 25 June to make the move.

Also this is of course not investment advice. Please be careful investing in crypto, study the coins and the teams behind it and your own research.

If you are interesting in buying TRX then the best exchange to buy at is Binance. Click our How To Register on Binance Guide and follow the easy steps. 

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