Dropil Automated Trading Bot

Cryptocurrency trading can be a very fruitful but stressful endevour. At the Cryptocurrency Blog we believe in looking into all sectors of the Crypto/Blockchain eco system. We've been trading crypto for a while now but we've recently started using Automated Trading Bots as part of of crypto investment portfolio. One company with the most promising offering is Dropil.

dropil automated crypto trading bot south africa

They offer Autonomous Trading through their trading bot, Dex, that is a through simple, intuitive, and automated tool for the cryptocurrency market.

You have three investment settings to choose from, Safe, Moderate & Aggresive that gives you about 5% to 7% profit every 15 days. The best about this tool is the effect compounding interest has long term as you have the option to reinvest your profits back into your wallet. 

Dropil Dashboard:

crypto trading bots south africa dropil

In their own words:

"Reliable in falling and rising markets

Our team has perfected Dex's deep learning algorithm over the last year to automatically scale and swap strategy according to the live trading market on any exchange for any cryptocurrency. Dex System is constantly calculating and automatically updating itself based on new trading data.


Dex has a number of safety nets in place to ensure it smartly locks in optimum profit while minimizing risk. A single bot, trading a single currency, would never be able to guarantee profitability. Due to substantial diversification across platforms, Dex System is able to consistently profit despite market sentiment or movements.

Investment Protection

Dex System pools the investments together based on your risk. Even in the most volatile markets, your investments are protected."

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