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 The Master Cryptocurrency Trader CourseThe Master Cryptocurrency Trader Course:

  • Know the biggest secrets to trading success
  • This is the most important information so is featured in the very first module. What really makes the difference between success and failure is something you probably won't believe when you hear it.
  • Be setup with the best charting and trading tools
  • In the step by step system you're going to learn, you need only 1 tool which you'll use to place and manage all your trades. This makes it so much easier to keep track of everything in one place.
  • You’ll know how to read a price chart
  • Knowing how to read a price chart accurately is one of the most desirable skills in trading because it means you are no longer watching the price move up and down randomly. You can begin to read the behavior patterns.
  • How to do technical analysis to spot price patterns and trends
  • Once you know how to read a chart we take things to the next level by layering on technical indicators that can be combined together to get an early warning signal when the price is about to turn around.
  • Trading strategies to ensure you make money consistently
  • To have a high chance of winning at anything you need good strategies. In this course you'll learn a number of unusual trading strategies that give you a significant edge over the majority of people who trade crypto.
  • Specific trading setups so you know when to get in and when to get out
  • The trading setups that you'll learn answer the basic questions of "what does the chart need to look like for me to get in?" and "What does the chart need to look like for me to get out?". The course provides you with several options to cover a variety of market conditions.

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Crypto Trading Signals and ALERTS

Stay current on over 250 cryptocurrency markets without spending hours scanning charts!

Tilt The Odds In Your Favor. Learn and practice a little-known way to manage risk exposure and position sizing strategies. No matter which strategy you trade, risk control is THE key element all successful traders have mastered.

Learn from over 200 backtesting screenshots from the past bull markets in cryptos! An essential study to improve your pattern recognition skills for trade entry and exit patterns!

Get a free copy of the Cryptocurrency Trading Course Text Book with your ALERT package subscription! Learn everything about our analysis methods, use the ALERTS as a guide to shape and master your own trading strategies!


Join in the private, unlisted, unpublished Interactive Livestream market review sessions through the week, or watch the members-only replay videos!

Realtime Chart Analysis, trading strategies are a constant measuring stick we compare the markets against.

Tutorial Explanations, each stage of a trade presents a range of options to select from.

Questions and Chart Review Requests Welcome, the interactive live streams and private chat were created so you can get your questions answered in our private Trade Room!

Find a plan that’s right for you.

Monthly and Quarterly plans comes with a 14-day trial for just $1.00 USD!!

  • Poloniex and Binance Markets Covered. Alerts, analysis and guides for entries, stop losses and exit options.
  • Dedicated Discord Updates. Get timely chart screenshots, and personal community support for your questions!
  • Intended for Do-It-Yourself Learning. Practice a clear approach to safely trading cryptos with a community of others!
  • Intended for Do-It-Yourself Learning. Practice a clear approach to safely trading cryptos with a community of others!

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